Stronger and more meticulous lifting with ultrasonic waves

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    • POINT 1

      Who wants strong lifting effects

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      If you want to enjoy a long-term effect with a single procedure

    • POINT 3

      If you're worried about losing elasticity and sagging overall

    • POINT 4

      Anyone who wants easy V-line lifting without disrupting their daily lives

    • POINT 5

      If you want to improve your bumpy face

    • POINT 6

      Someone who's scared of pain, who's afraid of lifting

    • POINT 7

      If you want a firm and firm face


    Self-care is as significant as skincare for treatment effects.
    Please read through cautions closely and follow them.

    • It is recommended to wash your face with cold water or lukewarm water and use a low-irritation cleanser.
    • Redness, swelling, dull sensation, and mild pain may occur after the procedure, but it is temporary. Until this symptom subsides, please avoid excessive drinking, intense exercise, and hot baths (Sauna).
    • As skin may become sensitive, it is recommended to avoid filling procedures or using scrubs within a week after the procedure
    • Makeup can be done immediately after the procedure.
    • Moisturizer is recommended after the procedure. Make sure to use sunscreen when you go out
    • The white line can occur when the cry is performed, but it can be eased enough to be sufficient prescription, but it is fully eased enough to properly prescription and conditions.Please contact the hospital if there are symptoms.
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