High-frequency lifting that pulls the skin and fills up the elasticity

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    • POINT 1

      If you're worried about thick double chin or cheek fat

    • POINT 2

      If you're worried about droopy cheeks and droopy jawline

    • POINT 3

      If you want to reduce fat, V-line, wrinkle-elasticity all at once

    • POINT 4

      If you have a lot of fine wrinkles on your face and neck

    • POINT 5

      If you're worried about lack of elasticity on your face

    • POINT 6

      If you're worried because of the thin and deep wrinkles

    • POINT 7

      If you want to lift your V-line without disrupting your daily life


    Self-care is as significant as skincare for treatment effects.
    Please read through cautions closely and follow them.

    • It is recommended to wash your face with cold water or lukewarm water and use a hypoallergenic cleanser.
    • It is recommended to avoid heavy drinking, intense exercise, and hot baths (Sauna) for about a week.
    • swelling, and mild pain may occur after the procedure, but it is temporary.
    • It is recommended to avoid taking a filling procedure or using scrubs for about a week after the procedure.
    • You can put on makeup immediately after the procedure, and it is recommended to use a moisturizer. Make sure to use sunscreen when you go out.
    • Because of the heat energy, redness and heat sensation on the face may appear temporarily.
    • Treatment marks, swelling, and bruises disappear naturally within 3-4 days after the procedure.
    • It's better to keep warm after the procedure, so I recommend washing your face with lukewarm water.
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