Strong and solid mint thread lifting

650,000KRW ~
#Strong V-line
#Improved elasticity
#Improve wrinkles
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    • POINT 1

      If you want to improve the U-line to the V-line

    • POINT 2

      Those who want strong lifting and collagen regeneration to boost elasticity at once

    • POINT 3

      Who wants the best non-surgical lifting

    • POINT 4

      If you want to improve your deep wrinkles, loose skin

    • POINT 5

      If you have a lot of fat on your face and don't have a clear outline


    Self-care is as significant as skincare for treatment effects.
    Please read through cautions closely and follow them.

    • After the procedure, you can wash your face and make-up from the next day for 2-3 hours. It is recommended to attach the duodum attached to the treatment area until it heals.
    • Please take prescription drugs for 3 days to prevent inflammation and relieve pain. If you have a history of antibiotic allergies, please let me know.
    • For quick soothing and minimization of swelling, bruises, it is recommended to cool down the treatment area for 3 days.
    • To relieve swelling, try to sleep in a correct position for 3 days.
    • It is recommended to avoid drinking alcohol, entering sauna/jumjilbang, hot bath, and intense exercise for 7 days after the procedure.
    • Bruises, swelling, pain, and foreign bodies may occur, but most of them are relieved within one to two weeks. However, if the pain gets worse or the skin color changes, itchiness, and fever persist even after taking prescription drugs, please contact the hospital and visit the hospital.
    • Occasionally, depending on the condition of the skin, threads may come out of the skin at the treatment site. In this case, do not touch it with your hands, and please visit the hospital for proper treatment. If you have any other inconveniences, please contact the hospital.
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