Filler personalized for my face!

79,000KRW ~
# Immediate return to daily activity
# Convenient injection procedure
# Done in 10 minutes
# Can be combined with other procedures
    Total amount
    10% VAT excluded
    • POINT 1

      If you want to put volume on your face and look younger

    • POINT 2

      Who wants a sharp nose

    • POINT 3

      If you want to make it work with a simple one-time procedure, rather than surgery

    • POINT 4

      If you want to make a three-dimensional change with a three-dimensional effect


    Self-care is as significant as skincare for treatment effects.
    Please read through cautions closely and follow them.

    • It is recommended to avoid excessive drinking after the procedure, access to sauna/jimjilbang/swim pool, hot bath, and intense exercise.
    • Bruises, swelling, pain, and foreign bodies may occur, but most of them are relieved within one to two weeks. However, if the pain in the treatment area gets worse day by day or the skin color changes, please contact the hospital immediately and visit the hospital.
    • Filler treatments may be asymmetrical and may result in changes in shape due to external pressure. Be careful not to press hard on the treatment area or apply pressure. Avoid wearing sunglasses/glasses for a period of time, especially for nose fillers.
    • If you have any other inconveniences, please contact the hospital.
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